Past Midway Ramblings on Business & Life


Time has nudged me Past Midway in my career and in life. This has given me time to reflect, with some perspective. From this, I write my theories & observations about what I have learned (or unlearned) along the way… and sometimes I just make stuff up. But this I know – the eternity of our youth isn’t as infinite as we might have imagined.

I have been a student (Tulsa & Penn. State), an engineer (Houston, Boise, Louisville), a student again (Stockholm), an investment banker (London) and an entrepreneur (Austin).

I also grew up just Past Midway road in rural Oklahoma.

Drop me a note or comment if you enjoy my vignettes. I hope, at a minimum, they create pause for thought.

Andy Jones

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Past Midway Ramblings on Business & Life

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